• Kamini Mehta

Kamini Mehta

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I was born in Mumbai where every child grows up with the dream to become something bigger. There are many industry/ sectors where a person can work on and achieve his/her goals. Mumbai is a city of hopes and dreams and it gives a lot of opportunities to the talents to fulfill their dreams. One such industry is the Film industry in Mumbai which is also called as the Bollywood industry.

I grew up watching too many Bollywood movies, Star shows, Award nights and I was too much amazed by their dance performances. As a child, I was always fond of seeing all different kind of dances, the styles, the beautiful dress and I always dreamt of performing such kind of professional dances in Bollywood movies.

Being born to a Gujarati family, I was always keen on dancing in Navratri events, school events and cultural dance shows. I also used to watch Bollywood actresses performing in the movie and used to copy the steps and perform during my school days. I do also have an innovative mind wherein I invent some of my steps and teach other students in the school.

Seeing my passion in dance, I received enormous support from my parents who always motivated me to perform dance at various stages of my life. I received extended support from my college professors and friends to bring my dancing skills to a bigger picture by performing on college events, inter-college competitions, corporate events, etc. That gave me great platform to concentrate on my dance and make a future ahead with it.

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